There are so many things that drive me crazy about drivers, but blatant disregard for others or the laws of the road may be at the top. When someone clearly does something that they have to know is illegal or will affect me or others as drivers, I lose my mind. I have seen my fair share of these occurences and will certainly blog about it as we continue, but what I experienced toBad Driverday drove me to get back to blogging about it.

As I approached a stop sign at a local shopping center, I noticed that there was a car stopped at the stop sign opposite of me. Behind him was another car. In the meantime, several cars were approaching from my left from a busy street and we had to wait because they do not need to stop. I put my blinker on to turn left and waited for traffic. All of that traffic was turning right and past me giving me the thought I could turn left safely while the car ahead of me waited for them… and thus me. However, I decided that wasn’t fair to him, so I waited.

When the car opposite of me proceeded to move I proceeded as well to enter the intersection and wait for him to pass before I turned left. That’s when I noticed the car behind him was moving as well… and drove right through the stop sign. I was already starting to turn! I slammed on the brakes and immediately flashed my high beams. When the woman didn’t stop, I threw my hands up in the air in disgust so she could see. She looked away, so I laid on the horn. That got her to look away again and DOWN AT HER CELL PHONE! At that point I wanted to use my SUV to sideswipe her fancy, expensive little coupe.

When you KNOW you are going through a stop sign when you shouldn’t; when you know you are cutting someone else off who has the right of way; when you know you are in the wrong and do nothing to react accordingly, you aren’t a bad driver… you are an arrogant, irresponsible one.

I understand you were probably sitting behind another car at a stop sign a little longer than you would have liked, but that doesn’t give you the right to change the driving laws for your convenience.

I should have kept moving. I should have proceeded to turn in front of her and seen how she would have reacted. But I didn’t, because I am a responsible and very aware driver.

But the kicker was the fact that even when I laid on the horn she turned away and looked down at her phone. That was the cherry on top of this stupid-driving-sundae. She knew she was wrong, she knew I was pissed, and not only did she try to ignore me, she was already breaking the law by checking her phone in the processes.

You would have thought that high beams, an exasperated look, and the car horn would have sent a message you can’t ignore.

So to the blonde who thought she was better than others and didn’t care if she was not only breaking the law but also didn’t care that she was affecting other drivers, do us all a favor and put the cell phone away, pay attention to the rest of us, and maybe go back and take that driver’s test again!