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Stock image, Fotolia

You’re driving along at just over the speed limit in the right lane of the Beltway, and all of a sudden you hear someone blaring their horn at you for what appears to be no reason, freaking you out thinking there is a madman hanging off the back of your car.

No, instead, after a few seconds of unwanted terror, you come to realize that the person wanted to go faster than you and also wanted to stay in the same lane as you. Since both weren’t going to happen, the driver used the horn thinking it would get you to move. Nope, sorry sir or ma’am, not moving because I’m in the RIGHT lane.

One of the most annoying habits of people on the road today is their over-use of the horn.

Now, I’m not one who never let’s out a little honk if someone takes too long staring at the green light–I count to three and then tap the horn–and I’m not the one who won’t let someone audibly know they are coming into my lane. There’s just too much going on when it comes to people on the road using their horns.

My phone is down in the car, especially at lights. As soon as that light turns green, I’m stepping on the accelerator because I want to get to where I need to go. Recently, though, there are drivers who are so impatient, they’re honking when the light turns yellow on the cross road. And it’s not a simple tap. It’s a long blast that continues about 500 feet after you’ve left the intersection. Why? Please explain this to me.