Sleep RLS reliefMy family woke me up today. That isn’t that surprising. My wife, son, and/or daughter have woken me most mornings. It’s either by having the TV on, moving around on the bed, getting going for the day (shower, changing, etc.), or coming downstairs to have breakfast and leave (when I sleep on the hide-a-bed), or when most of all of them decide it’s time to get Daddy up and either call out, push, prod, or climb on top of me. Most mornings… the family wakes me.

But today it’s what I heard my wife say when I stirred that surprised me, “It’s nearly 12!”

WHAT?! It was nearly noon! There is no way it was that late! Did I really sleep until nearly noon?!

The simple answer was yes. Yes I had slept until nearly noon. I hadn’t done that in MONTHS. I hadn’t slept much past 9am no matter when I had gone to sleep in months. Especially not since I started the whole process to taper myself off of my former medication cocktail, when through the nearly two-week drug-free phase, and the trial and error stage of medications since.

But here I was, lying in bed, at nearly 12pm, and I was just waking up.

Now, before people get too excited about how much I slept, it should be kept in mind I didn’t get to bed until about 3:30am. I had dozed off on the couch last night for about five minutes, but I wasn’t tired enough to actually go to bed until it was practically the next morning. I could have gone to bed sooner, but something wasn’t right and hasn’t been right with my nights that I stayed up.

However even with that in mind, I hadn’t had a night where I was in a bed (or hide-a-bed) for eight hours let alone eight-and-a-half since mid-July!

We know I didn’t sleep for the entire time. It took me a little bit of time to fall asleep, not much, but a bit. I also remember moments where I woke and either pulled the covers back on me or rolled over. But I also felt like I had slept. That is significant. And to confirm what I was feeling, my wife said she hasn’t seen me seemingly sleep more soundly in years. Yes, I am still moving, but those movements aren’t nearly to the level I was even three months ago while on my old medication.

For those who have been following my blogs, the question is obvious: what has caused the change?

The last few weeks – nearly a month – my doctor has tried two different medications to see my reaction to them. The first was a familiar friend in Gabapentin. That didn’t have the affect my doctor was looking for (or was curious about) and I have just finished coming back off that medication for the second time. The new medication is not one I plan to mention right now, but if you have been following my blogs or have read any of the items I have linked to in the past you might be able to figure it out (I will blog about it in the future).

What I can tell you is it seems to be exactly as advertised. My discomfort and pain during the day is down significantly and I feel like I may be getting more rest during the nights. I don’t think I am at the right dosage level based on different things during my days and the fact that I am still looking for consistent sleep, but clearly it appears we are on the right path.

And again… last night I apparently slept. My wife told me there was no way she was waking me this morning. I haven’t been able to sleep since July and there was no reason to get me up. Even hours later I am in shock.